Heroes on Monday

Monday Funday!!

And what’s more fun than Heroes?

Monday Funday is Monday Hero Day in my world.

Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within is revealed. -Bob Riley

My friend Shanny (aka Shannon) has this incredible quote wall up in her office. I’ve never seen her office in person, just through photographs, yet I’m inspired by it. She took one of the biggest risks of her life and opened her own waxing business in CA. Funnily enough, to me it doesn’t seem risky. She’s just that good at life, business and people. It’s a no brainer that she won’t just succeed but thrive. She listens to people. She cares deeply, probably more than she would like. She is competitive and talented when it comes to business and making a profit without stepping on people in the process. She laughs a lot. I mean a lot. And that laugh is infectious. I can be in tears within minutes with her. She’s just fun to be around, yet as you leave her and you’re walking to your car you find yourself saying things like “I’m awesome.” “My life is going to be okay.” “I’m so cool.” She has this ability to lift your spirits when you didn’t ask her to or even know she was doing it.

So you see, all that Shannon had left to do was perfect her craft of waxing. That, to me, seemed like the easy part. Mind you I have no experience in waxing (other than my own moments of getting my eyebrows waxed which I sadly admit is never in this season. I’m pretty sure Shannon just choked on her Dutch Brothers Tea with that confession). So it could be the hardest craft in the world, but again Shannon is just that good. What she touches turns to gold. Watching her while I trudge through this Medical School dream somehow gives me inspiration to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Weird how another person pursuing a dream nothing like yours can impact you.

Little known fact: I haven’t seen Shannon in over two years. And that time it was on Skype. I was a new mommy in a new country with very few friends. As I Skyped with Shannon and one of our other best friends, Danielle, I was crying with laughter. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. You know that deep laughter? The kind that makes you roll around with noise and leaves your stomach hurting and your eyes wet with tears. The kind that leaves you feeling so happy and wonderful to be alive. I have no idea what we talked about, but I’m sure it included a little self deprecating humour from Shanny, a little bit of mocking of my current culture and a whole lot of entrancing story telling on Shanny’s part. All I do remember is I needed it in that moment. I was lonely and feeling so out of place in New Zealand. I didn’t fit in with my old friends there, I was still nursing some pretty big wounds, I had NO idea how to be a mommy so I just went to Starbucks everyday and then pushed this new little creature around in a stroller hoping to figure it out.

As I think back to that moment and think of my dear friend Shanny I’m convinced that of all Shannon’s heroic qualities I love this one, this gift of humour and laughter, the best.

In this current season of life humour is rare and welcomed. I need to laugh but can sometimes go days without laughing. I pictured myself (again do we catch a theme already of who I picture and who I am being drastically different hence the disappointment I feel?) as this funny mommy and wife filling my house with laughter numerous times a day. Laughing in the face of crisis and cracking up at the circumstances life throws at me. Reality: I burst into tears, stomp my foot and usually say something really loud that is anything but heroic. All with my two and a half year old watching. Brilliant parenting. Let me know if you want my parenting techniques written down.

So you see I take any and every opportunity to laugh. And if I find something I take my addictive obsessive personality and kill that thing. The TV show Ellen in the past has been an hour of laughter in a dark day. For two years I planned my day around 3pm. Ridiculous and sad, but I said it was an addiction and I’m obsessive. Currently I love, I mean LOVE Fletch and Vaughn on a radio station here in NZ. I will run any errand my family needs between the hours of 3-7. I feel giddy when I look at the clock after a long day and know they are on. I laugh out loud and Max even laughs, luckily he doesn’t know why he’s laughing (good thing!) but their laughs are infectious….just like Shanny’s.

You never know when your natural quality becomes a heroic quality for another person. I will let you know a little secret about me: I believe everyone is heroic, we just might not have discovered your heroism yet, but it’s there. I promise you.

My dear friend Shanny from across the world inspires me to not only risk for your dreams, but also that laughter is important. The memories of laughing with her pushes me to find things to laugh at where I am. She is fighting daily to see her dream a reality. She’s not sitting around waiting she is working very very hard. Yet most Instagram pictures of her are filled with smiles. You can almost hear her laughter through the photo. It stops me. It whispers to me in that moment that I too can keep going. I can do this.

Heroism comes in all packages. For me it’s humour right now, but I guarantee you that you have a heroic gift to give and receive. You are someone’s hero today. Someone is being inspired by you. Someone is hoping to see you or hear you to just make it through their day. Someone needs to see you work hard so they know they too can work hard. Don’t give up today. Don’t look back. Hang in there because what you are producing is a hero, a hero this world needs.

*I genuinely believe in Shannon. She didn’t pay me to talk about her. If you are in Redding CA go see her, if you’re not you will be inspired by her style, design and professionalism. Check out her Instagram @thewaxinglounge


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