Heroes on Monday

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. -Albert Einstein

My husband prefers the shadows not the limelight. He prefers quiet not crowds. He prefers to get his job done well with no accolades instead of loud praise. He prefers letting his skills speak for themselves instead of telling people how good he is at his pursuits.

That said he is filled with heroism. He is doing something most men can’t or won’t. He’s changing his life and future. He’s not okay with mediocre but strives for excellence. It would be so easy for him to just get by. Do his dad and husband thing (which he is excellent at) and learn to be okay with not going for something he really wants. But that’s not him.

I love that school is bigger and harder than he thought. I love that he has to work so hard. I love that he has to overcome major hurdles. I love that he is risking everything including his pride.

It’s hard to go after a dream that’s bigger than your current level of skill. I’ve never done it. I have had people say “you’re courageous” but reality is that courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. Most things that looked hard or scary to others didn’t to me. It wasn’t courage it was an active spirit in me that couldn’t stay still. That’s the thing about courage each person’s courage looks different. What is easy to one leaves another frozen with fear. Yet sometimes the most courageous people go by unnoticed and those that aren’t that courageous get the title. It’s life’s interesting twist. To compare oneself to another really does no good. Some people breeze through medical school, working hard but not feeling like its impossible. Some people get up
in front of others and speak without an ounce of fear. We are all made different. To judge someone’s courage, if you are brave enough to do that, must be based on each individual.

My husband is full of courage, a hero to try and accomplish something that involves great sacrifice, extreme effort, stress on his family and a dream that sits in his heart.

We definitely have our moments of fighting, wishing the other could give more than they give and general man vs woman battles. But after all the emotion clears I am still awed by this man. He’s doing what to him looks like the impossible. He’s not so afraid of the hard that he’s staying content with where he is. And he’s loving his family and staying in relationship with us both. Not perfection but honest wrestling through relational issues always striving for connection. That is heroic. And as hard as this season is and might be I’m so impressed with his heroism and who he will impact and affect through this journey. He is and will continue to be an inspiration. Heroes take all forms but they all have one thing in common: they start with an ordinary person doing something. You’re something might seem insignificant to another but it’s not. My husband took a big leap of faith with my absolute support and encouragement, but he still had to take the first step. And he did just that. I’m glad my little boy will always have his daddy to look to as a hero.


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