Run Your Own Race

When most girls wear hoodies and messy buns they look amazing. But when I do I look like I’ve tried every drug in the world.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Running is a mental game even when you are slow and by yourself. I’m not fast. I love the amount I run but don’t care much about the speed…until everyone is passing me. It stinks to have people pass you. It feels discouraging and takes a bit of the fun away. I tell myself, “This is your race/run. Just run your race and forget about others.” Most times it doesn’t work, but at least I say it.

Even when I’m on my own just running around the city I find myself in this mental game. I see someone and try to catch them, outrun them, pass them, or just go a little faster so they don’t pass you. Yesterday I was cruising along almost enjoying the run. I had just ran past our stadium and turned down heading toward the rugby and cricket fields. I saw this girl way ahead of me but running very slow. And in my empathetic way I thought “oh how hard and discouraging for her that I’m going to pass her.” I kept running not much faster but I do admit I had a bit of spring in my step. Then it happened. The girl turned and was now running towards me. Sprinting. Fast. Very fast. She must have been doing drills (which is quite normal in that area by the university). She was running so much faster than I will ever hope to run all I could do was just laugh at myself. I like to think I’m like these cute, hair in messy bun, hoodie wearing uni girls who run fast. I’m not. Not too far after that I noticed I was pretty far in front of another girl as we trudged up this massive hill. We reached the top and she passed me. And I never saw her again. Ha!

Life’s funny. Life in general, I guess is a mental game. Running your own life race is really important. Even more important is stopping to laugh at yourself along the way.


2 thoughts on “Run Your Own Race

  1. Lesley Craggs

    Yahoooo, you wrote about running. I would love to hear one about your next event after you have finished it. I bet it will be hilarious. Well done Dana! PS – you look fab in a hoodie and hair in a bun!!


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