On Ice

I wasn’t made for winter. I want my flip flops.

I love ice! It’s one of my favourite things about summer. A nice refreshing drink with tons of ice clinking around as you drink. It just screams summer. Warm. Refreshing. Happiness.

I now live in a country that does not hold my value for ice. You would be hard pressed to find any restaurant in New Zealand that serves you ice with your drink much less with your starter water. Fast food is your only real chance and even then don’t get me started on their “large!” Aka small in America. Next to no free refills on soda this is one of the saddest parts of living in a new country.

There is one place the average Kiwi doesn’t seem to be bothered by mass amounts of ice: in winter!!! It’s hard for any Californian to even imagine we are struggling through winter here in New Zealand, but we are. It is so blasted cold. It was -9C (15F) as Max and I headed out today. That’s just stupid cold when you only heat your living room, which is not heated when you get up but the room you have to start the heater in and hope you don’t die of frostbite before you walk out the door.

I have to wait for my run until the afternoons because of the temperature. After taking two massive water bottles to my car to get all the ice off the windows at 8:30AM I was done with ice for the whole day. Unfortunately the ice did not feel the same way. When we arrived home at 11:30AM there was still ice on the sidewalk outside our house that we slipped our way past. Annoying but it’s happened before. Then I went for my run. At 2PM people! And guess what I found? ICE. All over the sidewalks and roads and grass on one part of my run. I had to slow to a walk because I couldn’t fathom twisting my ankle and not bring able to finish the training for the half marathon. (Though I did write a blog in my head about me falling and making a fool of myself in front of the Uni kids…just in case.)

Really? 2PM ice that never thawed on the road? It’s just life in the South Island of New Zealand I guess. No one seems all that concerned. “It’s just winter.” Oh how I long for tropical islands and 110F (43C) degrees again. Just a week would tide me over. Maybe. Probably not. Who are we kidding? I will always hate winter. One day I will have a warm house that I put central heat in at the beach. Until then I will remember that things in life are both glorious like ice in my summer drinks as well as gloriously awful like ice on the roads all day in winter. The irony of life I suppose. My unfortunate love-hate relationship I have with so much.


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