Heroes on Monday

He was born in his mama’s heart.

My roommate from University is one of my best friends in the world. Thousands of miles apart she can still hear the words I’m not speaking through emails. You know those friends that listen to the words you say then they actually hear the words that were never spoken yet were ringing loudly in your heart and mind?

She is much like my husband in enjoying life behind the scenes and avoiding the limelight. She is amazing at organising when no one is looking. Each house I have lived in New Zealand I have a moment of sadness at her not being able to pop over and sort my life and cupboards out. She is brilliant at looking at what you have and knowing how to make it work in her house. Every place I lived in the states had her fingerprints on it. I miss her finger prints on my homes in New Zealand.

It wasn’t just her ridiculously amazing gift of seeing how to make order out of chaos, it was her heart in it. She is a person who meets needs and gains joy out of it. As we meandered our way through our twenties I watched her engage in personal growth and learning who she was still while serving the people around her. She lived with an elderly lady for ages to help her be able to stay in her home as she aged. And she did it with such grace and enjoyment. I marvelled at her attitude. I’m just not wired to do something of that nature so I admired and enjoyed watching her.

When she headed off to Africa to live and work in an orphanage not one friend was surprised. It was just who she was, a lover of people especially those that others overlooked. As marriage and family came to be I watched her quietly challenge herself to grow through some obstacles that would have left others bitter and annoyed. She swallowed her pride and embraced every stage. She has walked through a husband going back to school with a child at home and she did it with such grace. She has been one of my biggest encouragers in this season. She calls me to hope not despair. When they adopted their first baby I was so overwhelmed with how perfect he was and not surprised at how incredible she was as a mommy. It was just who she was. She is currently waiting for her second baby and I nearly faint each time I see a Skype or email from her wondering if today is the day!

I have heard other parents who have adopted say its not admirable or inspiring to adopt it’s just right. I have never adopted (yet!!!) but I challenge that idea. I do think it is admirable and inspiring. As with the rest of Stacie’s life I watched her quietly just go about her life choosing into greatness. It’s not just organising her college roommate’s house life. It’s not just living with someone giving them independence. It’s not just moving to the other side of the world to love orphans. It’s not just supporting her loving husband. It’s not giving her kids an amazing life and mama. It’s the heart behind all those actions. She has taken what life has given her and made herself a better person. I can imagine some moments she wonders if its all worth it. If her life has impacted others. It has! Quiet people in society can easily be overlooked in an extrovert world. Those that don’t demand attention or significance are treasures that can be missed. People that love the shadows not the limelight are often times those we have much to learn from. Stacie has loved when it’s not easy, given when she had little, cheered when she needed her own cheerleader, listened when she had so much to say and laughed to make me laugh when tears were at the surface.

She’s not a hero because she adopted. She’s a hero because her heart is heroic and doesn’t run from hard. But part of her heroism includes her heart and choice to adopt. I love her story and I love the quote at the top. I watched her children be born in her heart and it only represents the core of who she is not just as a mommy but as a person who quietly lives her heroic life choosing to embrace and live the life she is leading. We can learn a lot from the quiet ones. They often make the loudest impact.


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