A Winter’s Miracle

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter. -Henry David Thoreau

T-shirts. I never thought I would get so much joy from t-shirts. But let me tell you with the winter I endure a plain white T-shirt on my run left me in a state of euphoria.

It is an amazing feeling to enjoy something that you have gone without for so long. As I ran I felt myself smiling stupidly with joy thinking the thought “it’s a winter’s miracle.” I laughed at my inner dialogue then stopped to take a picture to post on Instagram. Social media is great for extroverts that think everyone wants to hear their inner dialogue.

Not to belabour the fact that I’m feeling so great now but this is how life feels for me right now. After feeling so down and like every movement took immense amounts of work it’s hard not to feel euphoric in this new season. As I ran the same path I ran for months it was more enjoyable in a t-shirt not fighting to feel okay. I love my life. Truth be told I loved my life before…on paper. I have a great husband who loves me well and is pursuing excellence and a dream bigger than himself. Dream! I am a mommy. Dream! I have an adorable fun kid who everyone loves. Dream! I lived in a beach town seconds from the ocean. Dream! I live in a different culture on an adventure. Dream! I live right above Antarctica. Not so much a Dream! Lets be real. But it is pretty cool to live in new places, and I still live minutes from the beach. Dream! So why was it so hard to smile? Why when I got quiet did I cry? That in and of itself drove me batty at times. Sometimes our bodies just need a little help.

The last few weeks have been enjoyable. Just plain good. Life on paper isn’t just good. Real life is good. I catch myself saying “I love my life.” *sigh* Like running in a T-shirt, life is just a sweet gift after a season of winter.


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