World’s Steepest Street

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy chocolate and that’s kind of the same thing.

Have I told you I live by a famous street? I do. I happen to be lucky enough to live two blocks down from the steepest street in the world. No joke. It’s evidently famous enough to warrant bus load after bus loads of tourists to come and look at daily.

It’s one of the things I giggle about here on a weekly basis. You didn’t miss anything. It truly is just a street. And people pull up. Get out. Look at it. Some take pictures. Some are even energetic enough to climb to the top. It’s a steep street. That now makes a profit selling certificates and paraphernalia any good tourists would spend money on. I mean really who doesn’t need a shirt that says, “I saw the World’s Steepest Street.” But seriously it’s a street. I always wonder when the bus loads pull up or the rental cars full of tourists empty out if they stop and say, “Is this it?! It’s a street. ” funny little idiosyncrasies of our city.

Today though, it wasn’t just a street. Or even the World’s Steepest Street. It was a raceway for chocolate. Thousands of people crammed onto this tiny street for this iconic New Zealand event. Little balls of Cadbury chocolate goodness covered in an orange candy shell raced from the top. The Cadbury factory is in our city and sponsors a week of the school holidays. (Two weeks break between semesters)

I took Max today and met our friends there. It was her first time as well. We were all excited, hyped up on Cadbury chocolate they were passing out and waving bright purple Cadbury flags. The count down began: 10..9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 GO! Twenty five thousand Jaffas (orange candy shell covered chocolate balls) each with a number of a person who “bought” it raced down the street. (It’s a fundraiser for charities each year) My friend and I both looked at each other and said, “Huh, I would have thought 25,000 Jaffas would have looked like more.” You could see a faint orange wave head down the street. Luckily Max and I absolutely love being with my friend and her girls. So we made a day out of it then came back and played at our house all afternoon.

I love community celebrations, parades, street fairs and anything of the sort. So I got Max all amped up and made a big deal about it but secretly I couldn’t help shaking my head laughing that chocolate just raced down this street I make fun of weekly. Ahhhhh, the life of expat living. You just have to laugh sometimes when you move and enjoy the new things in each city. But I can’t really complain when a funny city tradition means I get free Cadbury chocolate, now can I?


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