“That” Person

One of my favourite things about you is that whenever you do something stupid, you don’t hide from it. Instead you’re more like, “Okay so I have to tell you what I just did…” And that makes me laugh.

Have you ever been “that” person in a store? Or “that” parent in a mall? Or have “that” kid in a shop? Yep I was “that” person today. Picture a semi normal mom in a pharmacy with a two and three year old. The pharmacist loves chatting and was a bit busy, so after five minutes or so the energy bugs that reside in all little boys were squirming their way to the surface of said two little boys. Pushing happened. Poking happened. Then my wee boy decides to make his move. SHOVE! Down goes the three year old in slow motion aiming head first into two massive cardboard displays full of cold medicine and sports cream. In one non thinking moment the mommy, me, tries to stop the displays from tumbling over but instead knocks them completely over while she herself falls. Yes you read that correctly. Falls. To the ground. Giving her knee a rug burn.

Luckily the pharmacist loves us in there and begins apologising to us. To us! She told Max that these displays are made too flimsy and it’s not his fault.

When we make mistakes or hurt people we fix things in our family so after we helped clean up I asked Max how he wanted to fix it. He replies, “I no need anything mom.” Oh sweet naive boy even though she said sorry we really did make the mess. He opted for giving her a high five to fix it. She loved it and praised him for his efforts. If only everyone was like that when we mess up!


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