Heroes on Monday

Good people bring out the good in people.

Generous. Fixer. Friend. Creative. Helping. Loyal. Embracing. Fun. Giving. Wise. Insightful. Loving. Planner. Grandma. Mom.

These are just a few of the words that describe my mom. She is a woman who gives her whole self to all she does. She was an incredible partner to my dad in coaching teams and running wrestling for the state of California. She ran our house with ease. She took care of high school wrestlers and their parents for years. She was a room mother more times than I can count. She was “that” mom that made incredible cakes for birthdays and celebrated every event she could think to celebrate. She was the best aunty to so many more than just her favourite nephew. She became a fun loving grandma with an abandon armed with a camera and treats like all great grandmas!

I think she hides behind the scenes making other people’s lives great even more than she knows. She is magnificent at details behind the scenes. She always thinks a step ahead of plans, which made us clash sometimes because I act and then think but my wise mother sees all the details before I dive head first into my grand plans. She is usually right.

She (and my dad) are the main reason that we are able to carry out Sam’s massive dream of Medical School with a young toddler. She can’t babysit weekly like Max and I would both love but the generosity and sacrifice is what overwhelms me. She (and my dad) have sacrificed so much for us in this season to make sure we aren’t just okay but able to have extras. She is abundant with her packages to Max and even sends Sam and I gifts and food from America we miss.

Her sacrifice as a mom is staggering. Even now at 36, eighteen full years after her “kid” is done being a “kid,” she is still sacrificing so much time, money and love. My husband in a lot of ways is the direct recipient of her sacrifice, seeing we are following his dream of medical school which inspires me even more. She (and my dad) fully embrace Sam as their “kid” and will stop at nothing to see his dreams realised. What?!?!? It is a new level of heroic that I hope to be half as good as when I’m her age. She believes in people’s dreams no matter who they are, but we are lucky enough to call her mom. She excels at practicality so I see her heroism as not just helping us fulfil our dreams but by practically making that happen, quietly behind the scenes when no one is looking. Belief and love take many forms but for me and my husband we see her as one of our biggest heroes in this season. She believes in Sam and has since the moment we told her our plan almost two years ago. She (and my dad) put feet to her belief in so many ways one blog couldn’t begin to capture the impact it made on us. I’m not a very practical person so for me it is amazing to see how much practical sacrificing has changed our reality and opened up our future. A future that she sees more clearly than even me or my husband sees. She is just unwavering in her faith in him and us and showers him and max and me with words of praise coupled with endless acts of service that cost her a lot. But you know what? I bet to her she feels like it is costing not one thing, but is a gift to be able to help and love. Simply beautiful and amazing. She loved her grandma more than anyone else in the world and while I knew my great grandma for only a short while I know this: my mom would make my great grandma so proud of who she is as a mom and grandma.

My Mom is a hero to many but her legacy of practical heroism and unconditional love that she gained from her grandma is being multiplied in our lives. To have a heroic female legacy in my family is a gift and honour and I am so thankful for her heroism!


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