You Reap What You Sow….Sometimes

The best is yet to come.

I grew up on an Almond Orchard. Every year I loathed harvest. I mean loathed. I hated raking the almonds. I begged my parents to clean the house so I didn’t have to help outside. Ironic now that I would give anything for the heat of harvest time, sweating profusely raking almonds. You never appreciate what you have. For whatever reason I hated that time of year then, I now look back on it with fond memories. Funny how time can do that. The smell of dirt and sweat, the clinking of ice cubes in the endless glasses of iced tea, the cool water of the canal we swam in every night (so gross to think of now but we loved it as kids!), and the scrumptious taste of the first ripe almond you picked off the tree and gobbled up right there in the front yard.

I understand intuitively any and all illustrations on the idea of reaping and sowing. While it is a truth in the Scriptures in the Bible, it’s seen from preschool to Fortune 500 companies. What you invest, how you treat someone and where you put your resources will bring you a return. Sometimes the reality is even grim. You treat people bad and eventually, it might take years, it comes back to destroy you.

Unfortunately it’s the timing in this principle that kills me. No big shock there. Anything that takes more than five minutes feels like a painful eternity in my book. But that’s how harvest, reaping & sowing, and life works. I remember coming home in university to a bare field and watching my dad tediously plant new almond trees. It takes a few years before they would even produce almonds much less make a profit. I can remember sitting on the tractor (yep you read that right this girl was driving the tractor) bored to death but enjoying being outside with my dad and thinking, “This stinks! All that work and nothing for ages to see for it.” Oh what a life principle was being ingrained on my soul.

This is life. There are certain desires, wants or situations that I want fixed now. I treat my boss with honour she honours me in my job. I am careful with my finances, saving and giving, I have more than enough for my family. I treat people fairly and my life all works out. Some days it works just like that. Others not so much. Right now I find myself in a situation where I can’t seem to catch up with my finances because close to every major appliance has broke or is broken in my house. I found out last night the job I thought I had until November is now only until the beginning of September, leaving me four weeks to find a job and childcare and two of those weeks I’m at a friend’s house in the North Island helping with her newborn. (And to be clear I CANNOT wait to do that. I not only get to see my Hayley & play with her boys and cuddle a new born but it’s trending as the hottest place in the country right now. Thank. You. God. And Hayley!!)

Reaping and sowing or investing and returns take time in most situations. Yesterday I found myself panicking through tears and frantic texts at the job news, and so irritated that no matter how much I am careful and smart with finances and loyal to people that sometimes you just don’t see the return….right away. I have to believe I will. Call it my internal optimist inside me screaming it will or my faith in the principles in scripture. Probably a little of both if I’m honest. So the title of this blog is true and false. More accurately we do reap what we sow just not in the time frame I want. It takes years for almond trees to produce almonds, and sometimes it is going to take years for me to see what I will reap from this season of planting and tending to life’s important details. It will happen. I can’t give up, it’s just not in me to do so. If you treat people good you will reap a good character, not everyone will like you or treat you fairly but you will be a person that is respected and can sleep well at night. If you continue to be wise and faithful in your finances you will receive the return of that investment. It will happen. Maybe not when I like but it will happen. So sometimes you don’t reap what you sow….yet, but it will come. Your investing will yield a return. Positive or negative. I want to keep investing positively so my return whenever it comes is abundant with positive rewards.


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