Because when you stop and look around this life really is amazing.

You know when someone calls you and you think they know what they want to talk to you about? I have a mental conversation without realising, getting all my thoughts ready to spew out in response. Lovely communication technique, isn’t it? Most times I’m unaware I’m doing this but it only takes you one conversation to stop you in your tracks feeling a little silly. I have numerous times prepared my battle in my head before the phone even rings, only to start off defensively and see the whole conversation spiral downward.

Yesterday, luckily for me, the opposite occurred. My best friend’s husband was trying to get a hold of me all morning. I do some volunteer work for their organisation via the Internet and we had been trying to connect a couple of weeks ago. I was all ready with ideas and plans when I picked up the phone. He’s Max’s godfather so in truly great godfather form he chatted to Max while Max showed him anything he could find over Skype. After a few minutes Max wandered off and my friend tells me he heard my job situation took a massive hit. I explained the timing wondering why he was asking about that. He’s a very busy guy and while I know he values my family and me we tend to get right down to business on the phone, unless his wife hijacks our Skype call, which I always welcome. *smiles* As I rambled the details away he graciously let me finish then told us they were going to send us some money to give us breathing room for the months we weren’t prepared to lose my income. I immediately teared up and true to his form he lovingly laughed and said he actually kicked someone out of his office for five minutes to tell me, so while I was having this “moment” he actually had to get back to his meeting. I cried some more said good bye and then bawled at the extravagance that just landed in our lap. His words rang in my ears, “We love you guys, you’re our family, we believe in you. We are glad to help.”

As I called my husband out of his office I’m still crying, trying to get the kids rushed out the door to take the boy I nanny to preschool and I quickly try to tell my husband what just happened…through tears. I didn’t think that through. All I said was who I was just talking to and kept crying. He immediately thought something horrific had happen to them. After his mini heart attack I let him know what just transpired then ran out the door to preschool.

I called one of my closest friends here sobbing all the way through the message I left. On a funny side note she called me back and I got to tell her. She was at the hospital working and mid conversation I hear her pager go off and then hear her say, “Trauma, patient on their way.” And off my gorgeous surgeon friend runs to the operating room. *sigh* My real life Grey’s Anatomy moment. She would kill me for equating her life’s work to Grey’s but in my little world it’s a great and fun compliment. After numerous teary phone calls to friends who had been rooting for us in this new situation I was quiet. So utterly thankful.

Funny thing is the night before at a meeting at church a lady I never met prayed for me in this area of finances. One of her phrases that kept ringing in my ears was “may the outcome cause people to say ‘Did you hear what happen in Dunedin?'” That is what happened! It was an extravagant gesture. I never get tired of seeing God’s tangible love.


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