Three “Me’s”

Any idiot can run, but it takes a special kind of idiot to run a half marathon.

I passed a cute Asian girl running yesterday. She was gorgeous with flawless skin, extremely fit and a smile on her face. She looked like she was leisurely walking through a fair enjoying herself yet she was running way faster than my fastest pace. I then checked myself out. I looked angry at the world, red faced, puffing like a train and shuffling along not looking fit. (Ironic side note: one of my medicines I take causes weight gain. Brilliant. I was wondering why averaging 8 miles a run 3 times a week I was gaining weight. Gutted. Chubby and happy. Thin and depressed. The ironic dilemma of my life. Not very long ago-I’m talking months people-I would have chosen thin and depressed, but I have wised up a bit and can love the body I got!)

There are three “me’s.” The me I want to be. The me I think I am and the me I actually am. Running highlights those differences in a humorous way. I pass these fit runner type girls and think I am that or at the very least will be that shortly. I’m SO not! I catch my reflection on a run and laugh at how utterly miserable I look. While I don’t love running I do semi enjoy it; you wouldn’t know that if you passed me though. I will never be that runner that sprints along with ease. Race day will remind me of that with a big slap on the face. But heck I run. I don’t look like the me I want to be or even the me I think I am, yet I am out there. My body is barely hanging on with me. I definitely feel my age. Not to mention I had to register in the Old People section! What the heck?!?!? I saw “Masters” and thought it was the really fast people until I looked closer and saw it was 36+ age range. Pretty funny to know you have moved to the oldies section. My body feels old as I keep training but only three more weeks to go then this oldie will run her 13.1 miles (21 K) and hope she doesn’t throw up or break anything!


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