Warm. Shorts. Beach.

Life’s better with sandy toes.

Three of my favourite words. Warm. Shorts. Beach. Ironically it’s not “warm” for people where Max and I are staying. We have traveled up to the North Island to hang out with our friends and cuddle their new bubba and two year old. I can’t get over how not being cold in your house really does make you a happier person. We have never lived in modern warm house in New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED our house at the beach, but modern it was not. We never saw our breath in our house though.

I’m thankful for this season and the awareness and compassion it is giving us for people in low income situations without warmth. It’s such a luxury that I took for granted. We are doing all we can with what we have but man the cold can drain you. Regardless of people’s choices a warm place to live is a necessity to function at your best. It is hard to comprehend when you are warm and comfortable, but everything feels a bit harder. I hope that God is burning this season on my heart for if no other reason to be compassionate and gracious to others in this situation. Our friends have given Max and I an incredible gift during my husband’s Medical School journey. Yes I’m helping with the new bubba, but he sleeps all day and Max kisses him constantly when he’s awake. The gift of warm. The gift of shorts. The gift of beach time (in a cute beach town!). It fills my soul as well as Max’s. He has said both days when we leave the little beach town to head back the few minutes to our friends, “I miss that beach Mommy.” I know buddy, I know. More than you will ever know. I love the concept of paying it forward and this gift for me will be paid forward. I love spending time with our friends, cuddling their boys, hanging out with Max all day exploring and enjoying a beach. I can only hope to do it for someone else.


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