Tell people you are a Kiwi or a Canadian when you travel and they will adore you. -Daniel Gallies

Kiwi birds. It’s the national bird of New Zealand. As well, Kiwi is what you call a New Zealander. Today we went to the Aquarium here. Trust me for one second while I twist these two facts together. While in the aquarium there was a huge sign displayed: “Shhhhhhh.” Max is not quiet. Ever. In fact being with a Kiwi family with a kid the exact same age and a new bubba I am painfully aware of how American loud my son is all the time. Our sweet little friend (the said child the same age) looked at Max and me and said, “Shhhhhh, you have to be quiet.” Then our friend reiterated the instructions. Where the heck were we entering that you had to be quiet?

The Kiwi Bird Habitat.

I wanted to burst with laughter! I asked our friend why we had to be quiet and evidently Kiwi birds are sensitive to noise. Luckily the habitat was short and I breathed again once we left because I was sure my son was going to be the first person in New Zealand to kill a Kiwi Bird with noise.

I can’t help but laugh at why God created Kiwi birds to live in New Zealand. Survival of the fittest would have killed them all off if they were native to America. Maybe they were and the first Kiwi Bird said, “Let’s get the heck out of here these people are so loud.” Then they went to the farthest country they could find: New Zealand.

Oh Kiwi’s (birds and people) us loud Americans really do affect your quiet ears. Awww to be living in New Zealand as an American is always a challenge, if not for me for the poor Kiwi’s that have to listen to us.


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