They said I couldn’t do it. They said the road was too long, the journey to arduous. They were wr-

Oh. Dry Heaves. Hang on.

You know how much I loathe running with the stroller and passionately love the beach and sun. This week I’ve seen these two things collide. Max is not too thrilled to miss my runs and without our Anna here in the North Island I have had to run with him. Let me be clear: I’m dying. Barely making each run. I fantasise about being done and mentally have to talk my way through the run. I keep telling myself the half marathon is coming and I will be so glad I did this training. I ran along the beach which was incredible! To hear the ocean waves and smell the salt air refreshed my soul. But wow, I was barely making it, even next to the ocean running with that stroller. The more I run the more I’m amazed at how many life lessons I learn from running.

It’s so easy for me to focus on the hard stuff. The stroller. The 32 pound (14kg) kid I’m pushing. The legs that are burning. The arms and back hurting from pushing. The air being sucked from my lungs. Reality is I’m by the beach…in a tank top sweating. Yes it’s hard and I want it over but I just kept staring at the ocean while I was tempted to just stare at my end point. I love finishing a task but what happens in life to me is I miss the proverbial oceans of life because I just want to get through my hard thing to the end. How much have I missed staring at the factory at the end of my run that isn’t pretty? The best part of the run was when this sweet lady was on a walk coming towards me and she clasped her hands together and gave me the most encouraging smile with a thumbs up. It’s crazy how much I’m affected by that. Even though I was dying it made me smile and helped my eyes drift towards the ocean too. I’m a sucker for verbal affirmation.

Today I ran my last long run with the stroller. Ninety minutes of perfect weather. It was tough but much easier than the weekend. Again though, this sweet old man saw me across the road shouted something while he flashed a huge smile and gave me a thumbs up. Verbal affirmation, love it; it keeps me going. I was glad to finish but even more glad to have a good run. I strive in life to be that person that smiles just when a person needs it and helps them keep going focusing on their ocean in life.

This weekend I will get to do sixty minutes at the Mount hopefully with no stroller! I of course want to enjoy a run at my most favourite place in New Zealand, but I more want to not miss my most favourite place by focusing on my clock getting to sixty minutes. It’s the journey not just the end goal or result.


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