Sacred Moments

It’s funny, how your entire life can boil down to a moment nobody else in the world notices. -Neely Tucker

As I drove into the Mount this weekend I thought of what my friend Hayley said. “Enjoy your spiritual home.” You know when you catch yourself releasing a deep breath for no good reason other than you are just content? I caught myself doing that many times over the last 72 hours. It’s no secret I love the beach but the Mount beach is a sacred place for me. It’s where I found my footing in New Zealand as a new wife and as a woman in general. It’s where I became a mommy. It’s where I spent hours at the beach listening, discovering and processing God and life. It’s where I met friends for life as did my son. It’s where I saw my husband’s and I’s life dreams collide, and we saw that we were even more suited for each other than we thought.

The Mount has always been a sacred place for me. I had some of my greatest pain and wounding there as well as complete healing and seeing a situation come full circle and truth be revealed. It’s a place I was gripped with fear some moments and humbled by circumstances yet still saw and experienced God. I’ve noticed over the last 36 years that sacred spaces often are in the midst of challenging life moments. These years in Medical School as a family will be showered with sacred moments. The few hours I spent with my coffee group/playgroup friends at the Mount reminded me of the beauty and sacred moments that were created when we were struggling through life, parenthood, finances and job/soul searching. To sit on a beach while my two year old loved playing like he never left, to see the sacredness of the group of crazy new mom’s that didn’t know what we were doing but laughed regardless, and to see my son walk run into his old house squealing with delight and comfort I haven’t seen in weeks reminds me that in this very season of Medical School sacred moments are happening…even in the coldest city ever that is unfortunately nestled right by Antarctica.


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