My Other Life

Find something to LAUGH about. -Maya Angelou

Have you ever sat in a room and felt like belting out the song “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same.”? Did you just sing that? You did, didn’t you? Not a Sesame Street watcher? Well I am and when I was little that was my favourite segment. I loved screaming the answer at the TV and feeling so proud with how I was right. I was destined to be nerdy at school from age two, as well as seeing my verbal affirmation need being met by congratulating myself. A nerdy needy girl was born. But I digress.

I’m currently sitting in a room full of actors. Not dramatic people but full fledge “I just finished this show” and “I just did this commercial” or my all time favourite, “I just finished filming the Hobbit up in Wellington.” Then there’s me. I nanny two and three year olds and wipe their behinds. I sing and dance to dinosaur songs and I am a killer car dancer/singer with two year olds to the latest Paramore, Macklemore and Karmin songs. They are always cracking up at me.

In my other life I work for an acting company that is hired by the Medical School. I am sitting with these real actors because we are all pretending to have some ailment. They would call it acting. I can’t call it that I’m just pretending. I do my job well but I’m SO not a serious actor. We sit in this small mock waiting room ready to present our illness and issues to a wide eyed and usually nervous Doctor hopeful (aka Medical Student). We stay in character and then we give feed back to these lovely students that are so bright and so bursting with knowledge that they at times get more excited to diagnosis the problem than remember your a patient. It’s awesome. I love it. It’s weird. I feel absolutely out of place. There is often cookies in the morning tea break because in New Zealand you never I mean never skip morning tea (Not always is tea even present. Just snacks yet we call it morning tea. Don’t ask. Everything is called tea except an actual cup of tea that’s called a cuppa. But again I digress, a topic for another blog) Even in the snacks arena I feel different. Kiwi’s love to eat hard crunchy cookies. I love gooey soft chewy cookies. Sigh. Today it didn’t stop me from eating two. Call it fitting in or plain exhaustion and hunger from a long week. Don’t judge me.

I never in a million years thought I would be a medical school actor. It’s a job I wonder if I will ever put on a résumé. Either way it’s another culture experience. Not only Kiwi culture vs American (c’mon why eat hard cookies?!) but the acting culture is so different from me. They get paid to be dramatic. I just offer my service to the world for free. Your welcome.

Life is a hilarious, crazy, scary, upside down and often sideways journey, but the more I just ride the crazy and unknown waves of life and let go of control the more I discover new and silly things I find out I like and get to do. Seriously, who knew? Medical School acting? What a funny and cool way to pay the bills.


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