Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I really have my life together.

You know those days when you have it all going on? You feel confident. Your ideas are buzzing and actually coming out of your mouth making coherent sense. You feel good in what you are wearing. You know you are making a difference. It doesn’t happen often for me these days. Between pretending I still live at the beach, wearing clothes to reflect that. (I just can’t help looking like I’m heading out the door to the shops and cafes by the beach almost every day!) To being with kids most days all days.

This week though I strutted through the University Campus feeling good. I had just spoke at a club in a lecture hall about identifying and using their strengths in the world. The group responded well and looked engaged. I spoke to a couple students after that needed a voice of hope in their life. Through statistics and encouragement I shared with them their unique talents are in there no matter what they have been told.

I smiled as I walked to my car feeling so thankful I had the opportunity to share my passion and smirked just a tiny bit that I felt great in what I was wearing. The day was filled with errands and meetings and cleaning the house for an event I was hosting.

Just as I was finished with the day and starting dinner before my event (when I say starting dinner I mean telling Sam to make himself a sandwich for him and Max) my husband walked in the kitchen and said to me, “You have a hole in your jeans.” I froze. What?!?! He kindly pointed out that I not only had a hole but a massive rip…along my bottom. Brilliant. I cracked up after getting over the shock of speaking in front of University students with a rip in my butt. Oh the situations that keep me humble!


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