Heroes on Monday

She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans.

I heard about this lady today and I can’t get her off my mind. She doesn’t know me. I don’t know her. I briefly met her yesterday. I didn’t know her story when I did. Everyone has a story. Sigh. If we will just believe that and suspend judgement life would be dramatically different.

I chatted with a friend today that truly knows this woman. I can’t even remember her name to he honest, but man I remember her story. Nothing out of the ordinary stood out to me about her. She was just your average mom. Little did I know she runs the Gifted school in the city I live in currently. The school pulls out fifty students (elementary/primary) from around the city and works with them at a different level because they have a natural gift with school. In my school growing up it was called MATS (More Able & Talented Students) and in other schools it was called GATE (Gifted And Talented Education). The little I know about this program it is very similar. It’s not the structure but the origin of this school that struck me.

This mom saw her two children had gifted characteristics and wanted them not to be board in school as well as be stretched to their potential. On her own she researched, secured a charitable trust to have money to fund the school, set up the logistics, hired teachers, acts as a principal and a bored of trustees as well as deal with behavioural issues, parent issues and school interventions. All. Of. This. Voluntary. Unbelievable. I love this woman’s heart to not only advocate for her kids but to make a space for 48 others students to have a chance to achieve their greatness. There are so many characteristics in this woman’s story that impress and inspire me. She created something out of nothing. She financially made very challenging circumstances happen. She fought for her children and didn’t just complain or put down their current teachers. She took a problem and created a solution. She runs the only gifted school in the South Island. She believes that people can achieve greatness in the right environment.

I love her heart. I love her skills. I love her strategy. I love her humility. I love her vision. Sigh. An everyday hero hiding in our midst changing the lives of kids every year. That’s a hero.


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