Heroes on Monday

Being part of a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

A ready smile. A heart that is always welcoming. A hug full of zero judgement. A word that is encouraging. A spirit that makes you feel safe and happy. This is my cousin Rayetta. She is a cousin on my dad’s side but it’s one of those families where cousins are called aunties and uncles and everyone just loves you. Rayetta goes to my church I grew up attending and we always sat by her growing up. She always had a cuddle and a huge smile for us. As I grew and only came home for holidays she still embraced me and never asked me “if I was dating,” a question I loathed when I came home. She just loved me, smiled and cheered me on. As I moved away and came home less and less she started following my blog faithfully. She would tell me anytime I came home how much she enjoyed my writing and my crazy antics.

As my life changed and my country of residence changed Rayetta faithfully followed my blog and cheered me on by telling my mom to send me messages. She even told my mom when I wasn’t posting enough stories and pictures. Smiles.

Each blog I wrote and each story I told along with ever picture I put up I knew she was reading. I at times pictured myself telling her the stories I was writing across the chair in the back of my home church. She is a very special lady. I have never heard an unkind word come out of her mouth. Nor have I seen or heard of her treating someone with judgement. She is one of those people that accepts you for you. She inspires me to suspend judgement and give grace and love.

Rayetta is just about to go and meet Jesus. She has surprised us all with leaving this earth earlier than anyone hoped, but her legacy lives on. She is a hero. The heroine that won’t stop smiling, won’t stop loving, and won’t judge you. Sigh. If we all had a little of Rayetta the world would be a kinder place. Thank you Rayetta for your silent support, your gracious smiles and your unconditional love. You have changed this world for the better.


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