Speaking, Holes, and Humility

My Daily Routine: Wake up, be amazing, try not to rip my jeans, go back to bed. -me

Just when you think it can’t get any funnier it does. I spoke at the Uni again last Saturday. I shared at a residence hall to some lovely girls. I spent an hour after talking to them and really enjoyed fielding their questions and fears about the way they act and how they are wired. I was able to point out their brilliance that has been sometimes shadowed with negative criticism. I walked away with a full heart and a tad bit of arrogance at how well it had gone. I sat down in the car with a grateful sigh. Then it happened. I had this weird feeling and wondered what it was….uh oh. It was my leg fat popping out of the hole that had appeared in the inner leg of my jeans. My last pair of jeans I owned that were hanging on (with a small hole in the knee) by a thread were hanging on no longer!

You have got to be kidding me!?!?! I laughed so hard and immediately called my friend telling her how smug I felt about my speaking engagement only to realise I had ripped jeans! The even more humorous part is I drew attention to my jeans mid talk. I was illustrating how my strength of activating often looks like impatience by pointing out the wet hand marks on my jeans from not waiting for the blow dryer to dry my hands. I had stepped out mid talk while they discussed something in small groups. On my return noticing my wet jeans I pointed them out. As well as continually pulling up my falling zipper while I spoke because of gaining weight the last six weeks.

Pretty much a complete disaster that I didn’t know was happening. Probably better that way. Sigh. The things that keep you humble. Luckily I got extravagant gifts for my birthday this week. Two gift cards to jean store plus a ridiculous amount of money from my parents and my husband’s family to buy new jeans. I’m thinking I should say no to speaking at the Uni in the future…or at least wear a skirt and not jeans.


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