It’s Not Political, It’s Kindness

Everyone is fighting a battle you can not see.

Me and my husband disagree on a lot. It’s one of my favourite parts of our marriage. Don’t get me wrong it drives me insane that he doesn’t do what I want, think like me, agree with me and see how right I am. After my adult sized child like tantrum I always smile and love the fact that we have such passionate beliefs. Sometimes we disagree over stupid things such as not shutting cupboards when I think he could just shut them so he doesn’t hit his head instead of blaming me, but whatever.

Other issues are dear to each us. We believe deeply in faith and politics and helping people. And we often don’t agree. We agree about the heart of the matter but practically we see it different sometimes. I’m a glass half full girl, he’s a realist and sees the glass on it’s way to empty. He keeps me grounded and I hope I give him hope in humanity. There are times in our life I felt so sad and disconnected because we didn’t agree about everything especially the things that fire me up and that I’m most emotional passionate about. The last year I have come to see God in a new way because of how my husband views life. He sees and reflects a part of God that challenges me to not only evaluate whether my belief is just tradition or a true belief of my faith. I’m thankful now that we disagree on so much. It means we are communicating and learning each other and our deep passions. It showing us each part of the God who created us. Because at the end of the day we agree on one thing: the human life has value and deserves respect. It’s what drew us together and what drives us to not give up in this season.

Why am I talking about this? Well I read a post that angered me and made me feel sad, almost to the point of tears. It was posted by a fellow Christian and made me cringe. For the sake of sharing my heart I will share it but know that I’m outraged it’s written and more outraged a follower of Christ that represents God posted it. It said, “I don’t talk to Obama voters but when I do I say ‘can I have fries with that?'” It’s cruel and mean and degrading on so many levels. It’s hurtful and not the way humanity should be treated. Lack of respect is never kind or a good idea. Regardless of who you voted for or how polarised the States has become I’m sickened at how people that have less money are treated. To be clear I voted for Obama, but that’s beside the point. It’s the hurtful, hateful and disgusting words I’m watching fly around social media. Cowardice and not God like is what it is. What does degrading a person without money do for you? How is it helpful? Do you think that a person that has less money doesn’t know that, feel that, experience that at school or work or when their kid comes home crying because they can’t afford a field trip or a new pair of shoes that are falling apart? Not every person struggling financially or working at what some would consider a “lowly” job is mooching off the rich or the government. We need to be careful where we judge and try our hardest to place ourselves and our emotions in other people’s shoes. Each member of humanity has value. I’m so proud I married a man that believes that to his core and believes every person deserves certain rights because they are human. I don’t care who you vote for but I do care how you treat people. I will be a voice for those that can’t or won’t speak because they are too embarrassed to say, “Please stop making fun of me and saying hateful/hurtful things and saying I’m a mooch, you don’t know my story and I don’t know yours.”
I say this: Watch your tongue before you decide to have a political discussion and put people in categories and degrade them. Place yourself in a spot where you owe thousands in medical bills, you lost your job, your family is dealing with stress that is beyond comprehension and think how you might feel if you need help. Most people in that spot thought it would never be them. Most importantly remember you don’t know everyone’s stories so choose your words or silence your words. I don’t usually get close to politics unless I’m asked but this has nothing to do with politics. I can remember sitting in a group of Christian woman discussing people who are the poorer in society. A quote from a woman in a city that is on one of the lowest socioeconomic scales said, “I often have toast for dinner so my kids can have meat.” My sweet friends were appalled and shocked that a woman that we only knew a first name of, but who had a name and just wasn’t grouped as someone receiving government aid, had to do that. I sat there tears stinging my eyes because that week I had done the same thing. I didn’t share it with them. Maybe out of embarrassment for me or for them, but it happened. I wanted my two year old to have meat so I ate rice crackers that night and an half an apple so he could have fruit too. You never know someone’s story. You never know the battles they are fighting. Make some real friends outside your socioeconomic class not just a “ministry” friendship, but open yourself up and I bet your life will forever be changed. Or better yet realise you’re a moment away from disaster that could put you in the category that you so harshly judge.

I’m not looking for agreement or a fight or a political discussion. I’m asking for the sake of humanity and your own soul to be kind and stop categorizing people. It’s hard to say hateful and hurtful things when it’s your friend not just a sub category of society you think is wrong or bad. Life is short. Life is fragile. Treat people a little kinder than you deserve to be treated.


One thought on “It’s Not Political, It’s Kindness

  1. lisa

    Dana, I love your passion, your heart and your faith. Max is blessed to have you as a mom. I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m praying God’s blessings upon your little family. Love you sweet friend.


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