Stop and Smell the Flowers

No matter how big and bad you are, when a two year old hands you a toy phone, you answer it.

My two year old teaches me so much about life. His greatest contribution to my life is humour. He is always making me laugh out loud. He’s funny, full of personality and has crazy comedic timing for a kid that has two and a half years of life under his belt. Today he taught me something entirely more profound.

He’s painfully like me at times and luckily like my husband most of the time. Today he was like my husband and for that I’m grateful. I was in my normal hurry mode, not because I had to be anywhere on time just because I’m always moving fast. As we walked by the yellow flowers in our front yard my son squeals, “Look at those pretty flowers mama, they match your pretty yellow shirt.” Be still my beating heart. He’s so sweet. (Side note: I LOVE that my son is so verbal with his praise. He constantly tells me I’m cute or my clothes are cute. God’s gift to me in New Zealand to fill my verbal affirmation love language.)

He stopped at the flowers and when I continued to rush by him to the car he said, “Mama let’s smell the flowers.” I quickly said no then stopped and looked at my boy. He was bending down in his own world smelling the flowers. I stopped. Really stopped and let my son teach me how to be in the moment. Every mom I know with older kids says it goes too fast, cherish these moments when they are little. I walked back to my boy and bent down and smelled the flowers and looked at his sweet face. He looked up at me and said, “Don’t they smell good mommy?” Yes buddy they do. What a treasure I have in this kid. He teaches me so much about life, humour and how to live in the moment.


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