Heroes on Monday

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

I love watching our Anna. She popped into our life like sunshine after rain eighteen months ago. She taught my son’s class at church and always filled the room with a smile. I think she started falling in love with him day one. And our life has been better for it.

Anna is a very busy “Uni kid” (as Max calls it). She is days away from finishing her Physio degree and one exam away from no longer being a Uni kid. She has an incredibly busy social life because she is so loved and fun to be around. She balances volunteering, school, homework, a boyfriend we love, work, and still has time to stay fit and work out regularly. I get tired just thinking about her life. Yet, she makes time for my son (and me). She watches my son any time we need her and I never think twice about leaving him with her. She loves him to pieces and doesn’t just babysit but invests in his life. She constantly posts picture of their adventures and laughter and encourages who he is in every situation. She definitely does not need to add to her plate babysitting yet she always does with a smile. It’s the smile that gets me. She genuinely lights up when she sees my boy and he sees that. He knows that Anna is safe and his biggest fan. Her willingness to sacrifice for my family is huge and definitely moves her to hero status for me, but that’s not the only heroine quality she has. Her commitment to integrity is inspiring. She treats people with respect and love and she is always handing out praise and encouragement. She is who she says she is yet would never tell you she’s amazing, but she is! I have watched her work like crazy this year to pursue her degree and as well work hard to pursue emotional intelligence. She is honest about her emotions yet controlled in how she shares her heart. She is always looking for ways to grow and ways to love deeper. I love our time together because her life inspires me to grow and develop. I love that she has a voice in my son’s life. My husband and I value other people’s voices in our son’s life. We are well aware that we don’t know everything or have it all together, so we decided long ago that we want other people to be close to our son so he can gain their wisdom and see their character and integrity. Anna is one of those voices for our boy and we couldn’t be more pleased. Her character, heart, work ethic, generosity, and encouragement are all qualities we want our son to experience. We are going to miss her terribly next year but know that her impact on our family will last for ages. I love seeing the impact people can make even when it feels small and like life is beyond busy. She will never truly know how blessed we are by her. Moving to a city with no family and a two year old was overwhelming but Anna and her generosity and love made our year that much easier. She modeled love, a generous heart, fun and encouragement to our family and she does that to every person she meets. What seemed like sacrifice to us was just her nature. She is a breath of fresh air to all who meet her and I’m so glad she has impacted my life, but more importantly she has forever impacted my son’s life.


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