The Other Side of Risk

When I do something hilarious, which let’s face is all the time. I think to myself, how do I not have my own television show.

I love doing new things and having new and interesting experiences. While I fear change I also crave it because of this: who knows what cool experiences are on the other side of change. I definitely feared moving to and living in our current city. It was cold. Enough said if you know me. We knew not one single person. I couldn’t picture my life and the control freak in me hates that. We had never done school as a family nor had we ever had a toddler so it was all a big ball of fear mixed in with excitement of what might be there.

My son and I just came home from an All Black signing. Max was the hit of the entire signing. The general manager was posting pictures of him on Facebook, the newspapers were snapping pictures that made me feel like a celebrity and the tv stations were videoing his every move. Then if that isn’t enough they asked us to wait because they wanted him to take pictures with the All Blacks! Ridiculous. But none of that would have happened if we didn’t take the big scary risk. I mean, I realise the risk was about Medical School and the future of our family but heck this is a great bonus.

My week was full of these moments. The most hilarious of them all was when I was sitting in a medical school acting job pretending to be sick for these medical students taking final exams. It’s an intense process where each student has seven minutes to prove they know what they are doing. I sweat and get nervous for them. This particular day I was thinking of what a crazy and fun job this is that I would have never had without the risk we took. Unfortunately, I was mid exam when I realised this and then after 16 previous students I was struck with funny thought that I had just spent four hours taking about my poop and my butt. Well not really mine, but my character’s. I felt the giggles rising to the surface and tried swallowing them because this poor medical student had just seven minutes to prove himself and me laughing out loud about the fact that I had just spent four hours describing my poop over and over would not appreciate the humour in my head. I slowly gained control and made it through without laughing. Phew! What a year we have had. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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