Teamwork makes the dream work. -Danielle Fleck

Two. More. Days. We are in the sprint at the end. My husband has one test left Friday morning. I will head to a medical school acting job before he gets back but at 5:00pm we will celebrate!! It feels a little surreal. I can’t actually believe that we are at the end of this first year. It went by slower than I wished at times and sped by in a blink of an eye at others.

We now head into major change. My son heading to preschool, new jobs for both of us, new schedules and most important: summertime!!! I’m dreaming of our twelve days on the beach this summer. Our family vacation can’t come fast enough for me. Though as I reflect on this last year and a half I can’t help but love the journey. I’m all around more healthy, I enjoy my community, I love our marriage, and I’m enjoying my son’s age immensely. There was so much struggle, moments where the hope was so faint I could barely make it out, times when the tears flowed more than the laughter and the frustration was at a level I wasn’t sure my body could handle. I’m so proud of my husband and the risk he took. And I’m glad that I risked too. I love that my husband is going for it right now, but I don’t ever want to be just a support. I have my own gifts and dreams and I love that I have a husband who believes in me too and wants me to pursue my dreams and giftings, even in this intense season for him.

It’s a balancing act some days and the great compromise others, but at the end I love that we both know we are more than just a husband or a wife, more than just a mom or a dad. We are unique people that are doing life together, parenting our son together and going after who we are individually and as a team. I’ve said since we have moved here a line I heard from my great friend Danielle, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Yep. It really does. I’m glad I’ve got my team with me and so happy to cheer them on as well. After a long road of change, stress, pressure, tears, sacrifice, fighting, anger, love, and growth I can truly say love my team!


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