Dang Sweaty Arm Pits

Do you ever sweat when you get nervous? I do. And in the Medical School exams I get so nervous for them. Today I sat for four hours in a room when it was sunny outside. Boo. But it was work! And then it happened. I accidentally touched my arm pit. Yes accidentally, I wear sleeveless shirts because I know I get nervous and sweat. A bright eyed nervous medical student walked in and…shook my hand! Ugh! They never do that! I shook his hand silently apologising for the arm pit sweat on it hoping he missed it. Poor guy! I hope it didn’t throw him off because I couldn’t tell you what I said to him for the first few minutes. All I could think was this poor student now has my nervous sweat on him. Sorry med school guy! Hope you passed your exams!!


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