Heroes on Monday

Collect moments not things.

Holly. I met her when she was eighteen. She roller bladed past me on the university campus I worked. She was unbelievably adorable and full of life. Then I talked to her. She truly was amazing. She was wise and funny and had an infectious laugh.

She is now one of my most favourite friends. She has allowed me to walk with her in some hard seasons and has walked with me in similar ones. She has one of the most pure hearts I have ever seen. She loves people with her whole heart and never gives up on people.

This last Friday she turned thirty and did it with a bang. She thought, really thought on her twenty-ninth birthday about what she wanted to accomplish by her thirtieth birthday. True to her nature there were joyful things, deep things and all out fun things on her list. I love the way Holly does life. She is one of my heroes. She goes after life with everything she has in her. She doesn’t want to waste one single day, relationship or moment of life. She inspires me to take everyday as a gift from God. She truly is an encouragement to be around. You just feel better after being with her.

I think of Holly and smile. She is loving and caring, fearless and smart, brave and full of joy. I love the presence she has in my life and my families life. I am so thankful for her words of encouragement, listening ears and heart of grace that she has been in my life. We need heroes like Holly in this world. Those ones that see the best in you and tell you. Those ones that hope for you when you have none. Those ones that laugh out loud to remind you there is joy in this world. Those ones that walk away and leave you feeling like a better person. This is Holly. One of my great heroes.


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