Oh my heavens I have a three year old today. I’m not sad about my boy growing up. I actually look forward to each new stage and love the development that comes with each new season. But today. One day into three I realised I am a little sad I don’t have a two year old any more. I LOVED two. I survived through 0-1. I enjoyed bits of one, but I thrived in being a mama to a two year old. I loved this age. I loved seeing him discover life, test boundaries and giggle his way through new experiences. I loved saying “my son is two.” I loved the title of being a two year old’s mom. We spent a lot of time together just getting to know each other. I watched his love and gift giving develop. I saw his learning style come out in watching rugby then coming home and mimicking it to near perfection. I listen to him repeat bible verses when we used hand motions and acted them out. I saw him love and cuddle younger kids and talked about adopting a little girl sister one day and him telling me he will “pwotect and cuddle hwer.”

Three will be full of fun new parts of him to discover, of that I’m sure. But today my two year old turned three and one of the most rewarding years of my life is done. It was rewarding because I made it through and am better for it. My son unbeknownst to him, walked through a very hard season and loved me and challenged me and help me be a better person. This kid is a treasure. He is walking this med school road too. He experiences sadness and frustration when daddy studies and complete elation when daddy is done. He invest his prayers and thoughts in daddy throughout the school year and he knows this is a family vision and he has a part to play. This kid is amazing. He gives me flowers in the midst of playing rugby with daddy. He brings us rocks and sticks and shares his most favourite things with people to just see them smile. He plays rugby at an incredible level for a three year old and I can’t wait to see him develop that gift.

Three is different. I have done different so much these last few years that I don’t like it but know that it will bring great joy. Status quo kills me but that means different in a necessity. So I welcome three and say goodbye to two. Thanks for the great memories two!


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