Heroes on Monday

I have seen the best of you and the worst of you. I choose both.

Sometimes heroes come in pairs. Scott and Amy were my family in LA. I spent countless hours at their place. Laughing, watching TV, playing with their gorgeous kids, crying and discussing life and love. I sat on their couch most weeks chatting away to Amy while Scott graciously allowed us to chatter on for ages. They are one of the biggest things I miss from LA. I don’t keep in contact nearly as I want to yet their legacy they left me is alive and well in my marriage and life today.

I loved watching Scott & Amy’s marriage. They were friends. They enjoyed sharing each other’s day and processing life together. They gave each other the best version of each other. I loved that and hoped I had that one day. I can remember watching their interactions and loving their chemistry and rhythm of life. They graciously let me into their lives time and time again. As I spent most Mondays there and a lot of weekends I learned so much about what I wanted in marriage.

They were each other’s hero. They genuinely loved and respected the other and had an honest communication that was inspiring. The other heroic quality I looked for in my own marriage was their complete support of the other. There was no pretence or pride. If one was excelling or working the other made it work. Scott works in the TV/Film industry and is a successful writer and producer. Amy is a talented interior designer and project manager. They supported one another in the pursuit of their talents. Both directions. All the time. I loved the lack of resentment that was in their relationship.

Family and careers and the multifaceted nature of relationships take work. I loved watching them navigate all of that yet still model genuine respect for each other and a wild love for the other. It was one of my favourite parts of LA. Their lives impacted me and my family to this very day.


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