Heroes on Monday

Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

Surreal. After months of planning, studying, sacrificing, hoping, crying, and rearranging, we got the anticipated letter. In a very anti climatic way on Saturday night my husband received the best invitation of his life. He was accepted to medical school.

After calling friends and family I couldn’t help but feel proud of my husband. He had done it. Against many odds he has changed the course of his life and the legacy he will leave for our son. It was hard work, took sacrifice on both our parts, a lot of readjusting expectation and relationship roles and a hell of a lot of courage. As I look back on the last couple of years the characteristics that stand out to me are my husbands courage, drive and intelligence. He had a gift of all three but applied skill to those and that equaled success. He worked double time on subjects that others breezed through. He fought past experiences and kept going when I bet it would have been easier to quit. And he used his thirst for knowledge and applied it to his class work.

I’m impressed that he went and did the thing he wanted. I’m inspired that he did when the road wasn’t clear or what others were doing. And I’m thankful that he is changing my families history and modelling to my son anything is possible if you want it bad enough. This one school year determined his entrance to the most competitive program in the country. It’s not for everyone and while we celebrated there were plenty of broken hearts. My husband’s accomplishment is massive by anyone’s standards but impressive that he changed the trajectory of his life when it wasn’t easy.

How does it change my life? In obvious ways my life will change. More study. More hospital hours to come. A husband in an intense career. But mostly I’m left to look at my life and ask what do I really want. And more importantly not say “I can’t” achieve it because of my circumstances. It takes compromise and adjusting circumstances and often priorities but it can be done. My husband inspired me to dream bigger simply by dreaming and doing what seemed impossible.


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