Holiday Weight

Hope for the best
Plan for the worst
Snack In Between

Holiday weight. It’s real. It’s a bummer but it’s so worth it sometimes. Between getting stitches in my knee on our summer/Christmas holiday and not being able to run and eating yummy food for two weeks straight I gained the cliche five pounds (2 KG’s). The gelato and guacamole I consumed over the break made those five pounds worth it.

My stitches are out, I can begin running again and my clothes don’t feel all that tight…or so I thought. I had an interview at the hospital on Thursday. I read up on the hospital and the orthopaedic ward the job was available. I was able to answer the questions with ease and even had a defining moment where I knew some past hurts had been healed and I had grown. I walked away feeling good about the interview and even felt good. My shirt felt loose and I caught my reflection in a window and wondered maybe if I hadn’t gained those dumb five pounds. I walked in the door to a quiet house and thought I would get in one tv show I had been saving to catch up on before I got my son at Kindy. As I changed my shirt I quickly realised why I thought I had lost weight. It wasn’t zipped. Really?!?! The zipper is in the back and my mind raced backwards in my day as if it was going in reverse sequence through all I had done that day and it stopped right before Kindy. I had put my shirt on and while I went to zip it my son chose to challenge the notion of him removing Jammie’s before school. That landed us in a long discussion with a little bit of chasing to get out the door on time. Sigh. Clothing fail. I’m not sure what’s worse the fact that I didn’t notice or automatically assuming the baggy shirt was due to me not having gained weight. If only dropping five pounds was that easy.

Here’s hoping the nurses that interviewed me didn’t notice the gaping shirt as I walked away thinking I had just owned that interview. Humility. It comes in all shapes and sizes.


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