I Love Mornings

I love the smell of POSSIBILITY in the morning.

Walking through the quiet city with the sun beaming on me and a Starbucks in my hand is one of my favourite ways to start the mornings. I love mornings. The newness. The fresh start. The “any-thing-is-possible”ness of a new day. As I walked to work from the bus stop with a slight detour through Starbucks, I was reminded of how much I love fresh beginnings. I love clean and order and new. While my adventure side needs change and chaos to stay alive there is nothing like a fresh new beginning.

Some times I love new beginnings because I am more than happy to say goodbye to a season. Sometimes I love fresh beginnings because I’m riddled with excitement at what’s ahead. And sometimes I just love them because they are filled with hope. Anything could happen. Some fresh beginnings in my life came after very deep painful and raw experiences or goodbyes. Some new beginnings came after an apology or a massive change in relationship. And some came because nothing, absolutely nothing went to plan. Heading on the downward slope to forty I can say that those are my most favourite new beginnings when I look back on life now. I thought my world had shattered, my happiness had gone and my plan and future I had so carefully crafted were all but over, I couldn’t see a way out. Yet somewhere in all that mess was a new plan beginning to take shape and I didn’t even know it much less see it.

This week sitting day after day in the midst of doctors and surgeons I think it finally hit me that my husband is starting medical school and will be sitting in the hospital as a doctor before I know it. A whole new chapter is beginning. It’s unknown, full of possibilities for me because of that. Situations, cities, people and jobs I may never have had the chance to see.

Maybe that’s why I love the mornings so much. The reminder that what looks like an ending can turn into a beautiful unexpected beginning. Or I’m just one of those crazies that love mornings. Either way I will cherish my slow walks through this city I never wanted to live in and be thankful for all the good that has surprised me here.


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