Side by Side

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.”

Medical School commenced on Monday.  I was thrilled and excited for my husband.  He worked his butt off to get here and now he sits with colleagues for life seconds away from my job.  Most of his classes are in the hospital or across the street.  It’s a great feeling knowing that we are moving towards our goal as a couple and individuals side by side.  Traveling parallel paths, yet heading in the same destination.   As he studies medicine and drinks in everything he can read and see about health care and the surrounding topic, I get to work within his field still learning and developing my leadership and people skills.  I have landed in the best job possible for me…without even realising it.  For starters, remember how I hate the cold?  Yeah, I am sure you do because I belabour the point regularly.  This last week as I worked full time I had this startling, yet amazing thought.  I now work in the warmest job in my city:  The hospital.  It has to stay warm for the patients, so no matter how horrific winter and summer for that matter is, I will be warm at work, even in just measly light weight shirts.  God’s kiss to me for enduring this city!  Secondly, I work for one of the best leaders I have seen in a long time.  Her empowering nature and focus on strengths is refreshing to be around, yet she is fair and firm in her leadership, navigating doctors, nurses, patients and surgeons with honour and ease.  I feel like I am sitting in a course as I watch her work and sit under her leadership.  And lastly, I had the unfortunate privilege to see my first cardiac arrest that ended fatally on the floor I work.  It was absolutely confirmed to me that I did not want to be any type of health professional, but loved my role of interacting with the family and making sure certain tasks were accomplished.  I cried a lot sitting at my desk and was a little surprised that it very much looked like television with doctors running from every direction.  As much as I thought this pay check was just that this year, I am finding that it is so much more.  It is a learning environment and a place to live out compassion and understanding while working excellently because it matters, sometimes it just matters to the scared 85 year old spouse but it matters.  My belief that people are valuable and need to be honoured is being stretched and grown in new situations and new skill sets.

My husband on the other hand, is absolutely suited for the health field.  He is made for those situations and not just handles crisis but excels in it and loves the immense amount of learning that comes with it.  As he sat in his first Medical School classes on Monday I caught myself smiling all day.  I was beyond elated for him and his hard work paying off.  He had done it!  He was there living the dream.  Our paths are different and they look very opposite at times, but after almost five years of wondering why we were so different I stopped and enjoyed the side by side.  We both thrive in helping people and valuing people and learning how to do that with excellence.  We do life together side by side, some months we are hanging on with our pinky as we head down our individual paths and sometimes like now, our paths seem to converge as one, both working in the hospital but with very different strengths, passions and future dreams.  Side by side is a brilliant way to live for us.  We each have a role to play in this world and while the last month I have worked many weeks full time, he has picked up what wasn’t getting done at home and with my son and as school begins for him my life will alter some.  I have no idea how this will look in the next twenty years, but for me I am happy to be doing something I love while he does something he loves….side by side.


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