After surgery there’s a recovery time. Sometimes it’s in a special recovery room and other times you are taken back to the ward and recover there. Once you are in the ward life moves at it’s normal pace, but you don’t necessarily feel normal. Your body is tired, a bit groggy and often sore. That’s how the last 7 days have been in our house.

We were in recovery, but everyday life and busyness did not stop. My husband finished his last exam Thursday. My little boy had been counting down the sleeps. He (and me too!) was very excited to have daddy back. That night my husband went and hung out with his med school buddies to debrief, unwind and just have fun after a very hard year. I had to make it fun for us too, so my little boy & I went on a long run in the sunshine. The stroller packed with snacks and my favourite podcast blaring in my ears as I laughed away. We then made a super fun craft – with googly eyes, need I say more? Googly eyes to a 3 year old are like chocolate to a PMS woman. As we settled in for the night eating sausages because, well I’m winning at parenting lately and my son has had sausages 4 nights in the last 7, we also had ice cream! Ice cream is a rare treat because we can’t have milk. I found us some coconut milk ice cream (thanks Becky Johnson for raving about it!), added sprinkles and watched my delighted boy devour his ice cream. I then finished off the rest after he fell asleep. Don’t judge. It’s been a hard few weeks.

That was the celebration night. The next 6 days my husband and I have been exhausted. He from many late nights and stress that over took his student brain. Me from…well four 6 mile runs exam week to keep me from going crazy, stress that settled in our house and having to work to find peace in the midst of it and just doing a busy busy busy 3 year old. I feel like noises are happening around me and life is moving at it’s fast pace. I’m just surviving/recovering still. That’s okay though. Living in the present moment of my life is important to me. I’m working on it. Two steps forward ten steps back.

Medical School is hard. Being married to a Med Student takes work but that is true of every relationship. I am learning that while we are working towards our goals as a family and investing much time into my husband’s career, my security can’t be found in that. I have my own gifts, talents and dreams. We are forever doing this crazy dance of both of us going after our dreams and using our talents in the season we are in at the present. At the end of the day you can only live in the present. You can dream and plan for the future, you can remember and critique the past, but you live in the present moment. In true Dana fashion I have a funny story to show you just how I am learning that.

A few weeks ago at the church that we go to my son was sound asleep upon my lap as per usual in the midst of this mostly university student church. The next thing I know my lap is wet. Yep, somehow he peed through his night time pull up. Onto my jean shorts. You know, jean shorts that take ages to dry, yep those. Did I mention this was in the first 10 minutes? It was. I sat there through an incredible time at church and then towards the end I saw this uni student and knew I had something to encourage him with & pray for him about. So in all my momness, smelling a tad like pee, looking like I had peed, I walked over to this 18 year old boy in the midst of 300 college students & I encouraged him & prayed for him. All the while giggling to myself that I had pee on me. Living in the present, using your talents sometimes looks like praying & encouraging a student with pee on your pants. Sigh. Learning every day in this crazy season & dance of life as a med school wife!


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